Some (possibly rare) irish photos

11 Nov 2012 by shano, 2 Comments »

The quality isn’t great but I thought I’d share them anyway. They’re actually photos of photos…

Edit: So I found out they’re by a photographer named Liam Quigley and you’ll find plenty more fantastic shots of Irish greats at his website:

Thin Lizzy

The boys from Thin Lizzy

Luke Kelly

Luke Kelly, with the banjo lashing it out

An auld wan having a pint of guinness

An aul wan delighted with her pint bottle of guinness

Rory Gallagher

Rory gallagher peering through trees

Phil Lynott on Bass

Phil Lynott and his famous P-Bass

thin lizzy on a boat

The lads from Lizzy hangin around on a boat

Rory Gallagher & Dog

Rory with his dog, Muddy


  1. Thanks for posting the pics, glad you like them! (they are great pics!) It would be great if you could include a photo credit to the photographer and a link to the website we’d really appreciate it. Thanks rockers!

    • shano says:

      Hi Sharon, great to know where they came from! I had no idea. And thanks for allowing me to post them. I’ll credit Liam now. Cheers

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